Clicker Training

How to properly train your pet parrots!

Clicker training is an efficient way of training animals of all species especially parrots! Training our feathered friends can be performed by any pet owner! You can purchase a "clicker" which is also used for dog training from almost any pet store and its very simple to learn! This training method will not only make for a happy bird (eventually they will look forward to it!) but it helps you the owner build a better relationship for you and your parrot! By now you should know which treats your parrot enjoys the most so when training make sure to have small portions to reward your parrot when they do the desired command!
Note: If you have a problem initially handing your parrot a treat from your hand you could place a small portion of the treat on the tip of a clean chopstick to deliver the goods!

Touch Training: First grab a clean chopstick, your clicker, and small portions of your parrots favorite treat. Remember this is new to your parrot so if they are alittle scared at first dont worry and dont give up! Each training session you do with your parrot should always end on a postive note! When ready to train make sure you choose a calm enviroment this means no television or distractions! Make these sessions private so its just you and your parrot. When your parrots comfortable simply take the chopstick, place it near your parrot but not to close and say the word "touch." As soon as your parrot touches the tip of the stick, immedietly click the clicker and reward your parrot with a tasty treat. Try using the word "touch" and once your parrot touches the tip of the chopstick click the clicker and immediately give a treat. If he/she grabs the stick or bites the stick hard simply turn your back to the bird for a second. They will wonder what they did wrong and learn from it because they want to learn from you its fun! Gradually you can slide the chopstick closer to your hand and through natural progression eventually your parrot will get comfortable enough to take the treat from your hand! Parrots enjoy excitement so when they successfully do what you ask them to do reward them though your voice or high praise! They love it! Once they understand the touch training you can start to slowly try to direct them around their cage. Start from their main perch from side to side and gradually expand the area as you see progress. (small steps... rome wasnt built in a day!) Again once they touch the tip, click the clicker and reward them! Parrots love routines so the more you work with them the better behaved and happy they will be!