Saturday, March 2, 2013

Welcome To Our Exotic Bird Blog! My Name Is Clancy.

I'm A 20 Year Old Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot!

I Have A Huge Vocabulary

& I Love To Talk, Sing, & Whistle!!!  

 Yellow Naped Amazon Species Information:
 The Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot is distinguished by its green forehead and crown and a yellow band across the lower nape (back part of neck). The Yellow-Naped Amazon (Amazona auropalliata) is sometimes considered to be a sub-species of the Yellow-Crowned Amazon which is often found along the Pacific Coast from Southern Mexico South to Northern Costa Rica.
Yellow Napes are loved for their intelligence, clowny personality, and impressive talking and singing abilities, enhanced by their great sense of pitch. When vocalizing they can display sounds similar to the human-voice! A healthy Amazon Parrot can live 50 to 60 years or even longer with good nutrition & care. Deforestation is rapidly reducing the number of these amazing parrots in the wild! 
 We Have To Protect Them!!!
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 Photo: David G. Hemmings  
Nice Morning Stretch!

FUNNY Talking Amazon Parrot - Clancy

(Subtitles Included)


Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot!

Hilarious! Talking Playing Amazon!

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot! PlayTime!

FUNNY Things Our Parrot Says Before Bed

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot - Clancy



FUNNY Parrot Reaction!


A Parrots Love For His Toy


Smart Amazon Parrot Tricks!




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